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Still Successful Game

Page history last edited by Aoifeawen 3 years, 3 months ago

The FTS game from the Bahola era is still famous. Until now, you gamers on Android already know this super cool and lightweight soccer game. Why is this game still in interest even though the developer has stayed since many years ago?




Classic questions like that often appear in the comments, of course there are many factors that update this, sometimes we also cannot conclude one by one, but what is certain is because this game is the lightest soccer game with pretty good quality and player details too. quite good. 


So it's only natural that these FTS game players cannot MOVE ON from this one game because the GAME Play offered by this game is very good, Mimin himself often plays this game first when there is no internet connection. 


Unfortunately, Mimin is now playing more Online games, especially the PUBG Mobile Game which can be an Opium for everyone who plays the game, including Mimin who is addicted to playing PUBG Mobile Games, those who have never played this game are better off you don't play this game because it is very dangerous if you like this one game too much. 


So Mimin suggests that if you want to play games, then you better play the latest FTS MOD game, which you can download on our blog that we have provided, to go to the blog, please click Aoifeawen


In addition, you can also get various information about the price list of food that is already in Indonesia, Yep, we really need to know the price list of menus at a restaurant before we come there with our girlfriend. 


Yep, you might be ashamed of yourself when your calculations are wrong regarding the list of food prices that are there, so for that, please visit the Latest Price List blog that we have prepared for all of you.  


Thus we share this article with all of you, hopefully it will be useful for all of you, yes, thank you for all the attention and see you again in the future.


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